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Manufacturing companies backed with foreign investments
Companies backed with more than 50 million won in foreign investment and foreign investment accounting for 10/100 of total capital
Export-oriented manufacturing companies
Companies that export more than 50 percent of their sales
Wholesalers based on import and export transactions
Companies that import or export more than 50 percent of their transactions
Service providers
Industries that provide supports for tenants including financial, insurance, customs clearance, tax affairs and information processing services, and that are designated by a Presidential decree
Public organizations and government agencies
Most preferred industrial types
High technology industries (as prescribed in the Notice of Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy pursuant to the Industrial Development Act)
Sophisticated technology-based industries and industrial support service industries (Restriction of Special Taxation Act)
Industries targeted for intensive foreign investments in connection with regional statistic businesses: automobile and machinery industries
Others: Manufacturing industries that have greater effects in terms of technical transfer and job creation

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