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Gunsan Airport (8 kilometers) (Twice a day to Jeju)
Gunsan Outport: 6,000 ton passenger ferry sailing once a week to Yantai in China, container vessel sailing twice a week to Busan, 20,000 to 50,000 ton level berths (Unloading capacity, 2.813 million ton)
Freight Terminal: Builds general terminal, leased terminal and container pier on a site of about 66,000 square meters in Gunsan Nation Industrial Complex, one permanent market, one regular market, four general markets, two larges-sized discount stores
Expressway: Honam Expressway- Use Iksan IC (35km) and Jeonju IC (48km), 249.9 km to Seoul, 30km to Iksan, 112.8 km to Daejeon Seohaean Expressway (Incheon-Gunsan-Mokpo)
National roads: Road No. 26 (Gunsan-Daegu), No. 27 (Gunsan-Goheung), No. 29(Seosan-Gunsan)
Provincial roads: Road No. 709 (Gunsan-Daejeong), No. 722 (Gunsan-Ungpo)
Use Gunsan Line at Gunsan Station(11 km) (277.6 km to Seoul, 23.1 km to Iksan, 48.6 km to Jeonju) A project is underway to extend the Janghang Line and Gunsan Line to the complex.
Industrial water
Source of water: Completed waterways from Geumgang estuary to the complex
Industrial water: Supply capacity of 33,000 ton / day , 30,000 ton consumed in a day
Household water: Supply capacity of 110,000 ton/day
Wastewater and sewage treatment
The wastewater treatment plant handles all the wastewater and sewage.
Treatment capacity: 270,000 ton/day (Area:240,000 ㎡)
Waste treatment
Waste treatment plant in the national industrial complex (Five waste treatment companies)
Communication lines
Gunsan Telephone Office provides 1,800 lines (1,300 used lines), 1,467 telephone lines, 133 ISDN lines, 200 leased lines
Power supply
Inland route: Chilbo Hydraulic Power Plant (34,800kw/h) --> Substation in the complex --> Tenant
Supply capacity: 154 kV, 120,000 kW
Residential facilities
Develop and supply 5,300 households
Energy supply
Gunsan City Gas (Capacity 180,000 ton/day, Consumption 160,000ton/day)
Labor force
Background: 267,000 strong population of Gunsan (135,000 men, 132,000 women)
Education institutions: 19 middle schools with 11,395 students, 6 high schools with 6,932 students, 3 colleges with 7,551 students, 2 universities with 22,095 students
Industrial manpower education institutions: 5 vocational high schools with 6,204 students
Facilities for infants: 56 kindergartens with 2,367 children

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