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The Whole View
Create a favorable environment for foreign investments to respond to the changing global economic environment
Build a stronghold to advance into the Yellow Sea markets
Revitalize the economy of Jeollabukdo and promote balanced national development
The present condition
Location Inside the Gunsan 2 National Industrial Complex,
Area :1,256,000㎡
Duration Oct. 2000 ~ Oct. 2005
Total working expenses 188.4 billion won(land : 115.0billion won, Facilities : 73.4billion won)
Operation Leasing land or buildings for free or at a low price after government purchase (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Main Features
An international deregulated area that promotes global standards like free marketing and sales activities
An area where manufacturing, logistics/distribution and trade are interactively connected
An area where the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Administrative Agency of Free Trade Zone office) moves in and gives preferential treatment to foreign investments, providing a one-stop service that includes construction permits
Emerges as a Mecca of the automotive and machinery industries backed by the Automotive Parts Innovation Center and parts manufacturers in the nearby industrial complex including GM KOREA and Hyundai Motor Company

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