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Under Developing Land for Donghae Free Trade Zone Office
Donghae Free Trade Zone Office located in East-Sea Rim will be emerging as the trade & distribution hub of the Northern Area, China and Russia
Comprehensive Complex for Distribution Industry will give us a chance to enhance regional economic development by making it hub of trade&distribution in the Northern Area
Project Outline
Location: Bloc 8, Bukpyeong Industrial Complex, Guho-dong, Donghae
City Total Area: 247.434㎡ Period: Year 2006 ~ 2009
Developer(administrator): Minister of Commerce, Industry and
Energy (Administrator of Masan Free Trade Zone Office)
Ring-shaped type, Four(4)-bypath intersection at the back gate,
Right-turn entrance at the main gate
Face to the road of 35m width, View to the East-sea
Planned to be closely together with athletic facility and considered the approach from factories within the industrial complex
Considered the approach from the industrial complex, be closely together with standard fac
be closely together with administrative building and standard factories
Considered the approach from the complex by utilizing separate site
Planned to use 21 individual lands (4,700㎡~16,000㎡),
Standard Factory Buildings
Total Land Area:18,436.70㎡
Building Area:5,662.25
Total Building Area:11,320.37㎡
Standard Factory Buildings
Scale: 1-story basement, 3-story building
Building Area:3,389.65㎡
Total Building Area:7,046.54㎡
Factory Building for Light Industry
Scale : 2-story building
Building Area: 2,272.6㎡
Total BuildingArea:4,273.83㎡
Industrial SOC and Conditions of Location
Power Supply: 20 thousand Kw * 2 units from Donghae thermal power plant
Tele-Communication: 600 lines (planned to lay broadband line)
Water Supply: 55 thousand tons a day
Sewage Disposal Plant: 55 thousand㎥ a day
Waste Water Treatment: 13 thousand tons a day
Disposal of Waste Matter: 30 tons a day by an incinerator
7 line (Busan~Donghae): in 4 hours
38 line (Pyeongtaek~Jecheon~Donghae): in 2 and half hours
42 line (Incheon~Jinbu~Donghae): 2 hours and 50 minutes
Yeongdong Highway (Seoul~Gangneung) 4 lane
Opened Donghae Highways (Gangneung~Donghae) 4lane
※ Approach Donghae from Seoul in 3 hours, planned to open Yeongdong Highway 2
(Gwangju, Gyeonggi to Weonju) in 2010
Jungang-Yeongdong line (Seoul Capital Area,Inland Area: in 6 hours)
※ Planned to open Pohang-Donghae line in 2014
Yangyang International Airport: 80Km away from Free Trade Zone Office (in 50 minutes)
Donghae Port~Russia(Zarubino Port), Japan(Tsuruga)
Port Facility: berthing capacity for 15 vessels
Quantity of Cargo->23,035 thousand tons yearly
※ Transportation network at the back of port: Planned to construct container quay
and an exclusive road to the industrial complex->1.58km