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Entry Qualifications
Initial Consultation - Notification of Foreign ivestment - Application for intending to move into FTZ - Approval - Factory Constuction Permission - Start Operation
An Application for Entry(should be informed within 7 days)
The company intending to do business in the FTZ should submit the required documents to the administrator of FTZ
Notice of the outcomes of the reviewed application
Permits & approvals of entry are preferentially given to the following companies
- Foreign-invested companies
- A business featuring a high level of technology
- A business featuring an export-oriented
The introduction of foreign capital and incorporation
Extended to introduce of foreign capital and incorporate (newly established companies only)
A Lease Contract for National Property (Building, Land)
Extended to make a contract for land and factory building with the administrator of FTZ within60 days from the date of approvals of entry
An application for the registration of foreign-invested company(should be informed 
within a day)
When the applicant finish the introduction of foreign capital, it should register foreign-invested company to the administrator of FTZ within 30 days
An application of tax breaks(should be informed within 20 days)
Tax breaks will given to the foreign-invested companies of FTZ regardless of business items and investment amount based on the foreign investment promotion act