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Extended a free rent to the following foreign-invested companies
Factory sites and standard factory building
- a business featuring a high level of technology and a business providing an industry support service with a newly foreign investment of more than USD 1 million
- in case of standard factory, the foreign investment should be over USD 5 million
Exemption period
- For 10 years from the date of entry and extensible
Extended tax reductions and exemptions to the foreign-invested companies
Income tax, Corporate tax:
- Exempted for 5 years commencing the first taxable year inclusive of the start up, 50% reduction for 2 years thereafter
Acquisition tax, Registration tax
- Exempted for up to 15 years based on the provincial regulations
Extended tax free on the imported materials
In case the tenant companies import materials for construction, facility maintenance and raw materials, extended the exemptions of customs to them Acquisition tax, Registration tax
Extended value added tax with zero rate
The tenants within FTZ are allowed to trade equipment and imported goods with one another
The tenants within FTZ are allowed to take raw materials for export into FTZ from outside of it
Allowed to work outside of FTZ
The tenants are allowed to conduct production activities throughout around 300 factories outside of FTZ such as Masan, Changwon, and then to export them directly at that spots, in addition, they can also carry imported goods, machinery and materials for manufacturing to the outside of FTZ, those factories are treated as bonded areas
 Allowed to carry products, machinery and equipment to out of FTZ
The tenants are allowed to carry products or parts produced by the companies within FTZ to the outside of FTZ, unused or idle machinery and materials within FTZ can be also carried to the outside of FTZ
Extended other exemptions
The government will not apply regulations of employment obligation and allotment of transportation responsibilities to the tenants, as a rule, the above regulations are applied to the tenants within the customs areas
Extended one-stop-service system
We will support fully in helping you more quickly in obtaining governmental permits and incentives in accordance with the law of designation and management of Free Trade Zone Office by support of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. within FTZ, the customs office, fire station, post office, bank, houseware, customs clearance and cargo working are all set to support your business.
Tenant Companise
Extended cash grant to foreign-invested companies
To carry vital business for strengthening the nation's competitiveness, in case the foreign-invested companies establish new plans or R&D facility, extended cash grant for purchasing land costs, construction, machinery, materials and business set up etc.
Extended other financial support
National and local governments offer financial support not only in developing technology and cultivating manpower but also in taking medical treatment, education and housing.