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Interview applicants - Apply for foreigninvested corporation registration - Apply for tenant approval - Approve a tenant  - Lease agreement  - Install facilities and approve

Interview applicants

  • UnderArticle 10 of the Act on the Designation and Operation of Free Trade Zone Office, and under Article 7 of its enforcement ordinance, the tenant applicant must be interviewed to ascertain its qualification status.

Apply for foreign-invested corporation registration

  • In the case of the applicant’s completion of foreign investment attraction, it should apply for foreign-invested corporation registration within 30 days
  • Necessary documents
    • Under the Act on Foreign Investment Promotion, one copy of the foreign-invested corporation registration application
    • One copy of the proof of foreign currency purchase (deposit and withdrawal)
    • One copy of the corporation registration book (personal operator: business registration certificate)

Apply for tenant approval.

  • One copy of the tenant application
  • One copy of the business plan (including proofs of exports, etc.)
  • One copy of the certification as a foreign-invested corporation (applies only to foreign-invested corporations)
  • Proofs of permission, approval, licensing, and registration of relevant businessesonly to export- and import-oriented wholesale businesses, logistics businesses, and support businesses)

Review and approve tenant applicants.

  • Pursuant to Article 11 of the Act on the Designation and Operation of Free Trade Zone Office, review, ascertain, and approve tenant applicants.

Sign a lease agreement on the state property (land and buildings).

  • Within 60 days of the tenant approval date, the tenant should sign a lease agreement with AADFTZ on its self-operated factory site or a standardized factory building.
    • Upon signing the agreement, the tenant should - pay the lease guarantee deposit (an amount equivalent to six months of rental). Upon cancellation of the agreement, the deposit will be returned.

Install facilities and approve construction.

  • In the case of a self-operated factory, the tenant should get approval for construction within 180 days of the tenant approval, or report the construction within 150 days.
  • In the case of a standardized factory, the tenant should complete the installation of facilities within 150 days of the lease agreement date.

Apply for tax breaks on foreign investments

  • In the case of a foreign investment in DFTZ, the tenant will benefit from various tax breaks regardless of its business and investment size.

    Necessary documents
    • Three copies of the application for tax breaks (under the Restrictions to the Special Taxation Act).

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