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Messgae from Minister Profile of Minister
Choi joong-kyung Minister of knowedge Economy

As the ministry in charge of the real economy, we are working to build a “creative economy”, a new paradigm that will expand growth engines, create better jobs, and support balanced growth among industries.

To accomplish this goal, we will focus on the following policy priorities:

- Promoting industrial convergence to maximize our economic growth potential and provide high-quality employment opportunities.
- Fostering a cooperative industrial ecosystem, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, by enforcing market rules
- Seeking balanced regional development to revitalize local economies and employment
- Pursuing a trade policy devoted to the national interest and to economic benefits for the country by preparing a trade strategy that will earn more public support through better communication with related interest groups and other ministries based on our expertise in industrial policy
- Establishing a safe and reliable energy system to fuel the nation’s economy.

Above all, we will pursue our policy goals through a more open dialogue with the people to usher in a new era of happiness and dreams of a better future.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our ministry.